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About us

Who we are

the way we work

The way we work

Aram is your knowledge provider for projects in different sectors such as land, road – marine engineering, ship building, offshore, energy and the oil & gas industry. Our professionals distinguish themselves by delivering maximum predictability on our clients’ projects.

Who we are

We see our cooperation with clients as a partnership. Alone you go faster, but together you go further. Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with a number of regular clients, we are familiar with many different business processes. This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions in the field of integrated project control. We are happy to proactively think along with you about the most suitable solution. Whether this concerns advice, deployment of professionals, education or software solutions.



We believe that project control within organisations can only be structurally improved through an integrated approach. As a knowledge provider, we therefore provide an integrated service offering for our clients related to project control:

The combination of these different products and services ensures us the synergy in project control. This combination is a great added value for our clients.

Over 20 years
knowledge and experience

Every day our professionals work on the most complex projects in different industries and for a wide variety of clients. As a result, we know the most common success factors and pitfalls related to project control. We share this knowledge and experience internally, for example by organizing knowledge sessions. Our Aram Academy plays an important role. This is where the worlds of theoretical knowledge, the application of software and our experiences in the field come together. We ensure that our professionals continuously learn from each other and with each other. We see this knowledge as an important key to be successful in project control.

quality & flexibility
is our strength

Every industry, client and project is different. And everyone interprets project control in a different way. This requires flexibility from our employees. We are used to switching quickly, which means that we can be immediately deployable somewhere and add value to it. In addition to scope, time and money, quality is an important pillar within project control. At Aram, quality starts with hiring the right employees, and goes further in consistently training our professionals in both hard and soft skills. Finally, clients find our no-nonsense mentality typical of Aram. We have an informal culture with a flat organisational structure. We know that ‘talking about’ isn’t enough, so we’re happy to take the action if there is a challenge.

Aram is bekend in de markt als kennispartner in projectbeheersing. Naast projectbeheersing vallen onder Aram Group meerdere business units met ieder hun eigen expertise.


Aram Engineering en Technology is met name betrokken bij industriële projecten en gespecialiseerd in innovatieve en alternatieve manieren van energieopwekking. Met name in de biomassa-industrie spelen wij een vooraanstaande rol.


Aram International is de brug tussen Europa en het Midden-Oosten. Onze internationale bedrijfstak treedt op als intermediair om bedrijven uit het Midden-Oosten te helpen bij hun handelsbetrekkingen in West Europa. Daarnaast creëren we kansen voor Europese bedrijven door hen te assisteren in het opzetten van een bedrijf in het Midden-Oosten.

we gladly tell you what we can do for you
in a personal conversation.