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The energy market is constantly changing and the energy transition creates opportunities and risks in project control.

Ship- & Yacht building

In this sector we participate in large, international projects from the tender phase to projects in construction and maintenance.

Oil & Gas

We have grown up in the oil and gas industry by drawing up and controlling maintenance and shutdown schedules.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering industry has its own dynamics and for us mainly takes place in the public infrastructure.

Public Sector

We have experience in project control within both government and semi-government organizations.

Offshore & Maritime

For large offshore and maritime projects, control over time, money, risks and resources are crucial.

High tech & Start-up

Good project control is required for large projects with different collaborations and complex processes.

Chemistry & Pharma

Time to market in drug development is crucial and our engineering specialists have a lot of experience in chemistry.


Punctuality in relation to decommissioning is essential. Good planning contributes to this.

Industry Sector

Within the industry we have experience in working with maintenance, brown- and greenfield projects.

Engineering Firm

We work for renowned engineering firms that are active within various sectors.


Within this industry, we are working on optimizations within the supply chain process and chain analysis.


Projects within the domain of NGOs require a creative view of project management.

Non-residential Construction

Alignment between different disciplines, detailed preparation and construction challenges require solid expertise.


Active by manufacturers or suppliers of companies within the aviation and aerospace industry.

Curious about our experiences in your sector?

With over 20 years of experience, we provide our clients with the right solutions for different project management issues. We are specialized in secondment & consultancy, education & training, software solutions and engineering & technology.