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What is Turbo-Chart?

Turbo-Chart is a software application that allows you to easily create a time-way diagram or Line of Balance (LOB) diagram based on existing project schedules within minutes. Turbo-Chart is designed so that you can continue to use existing planning tools, such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta PowerProject and Safran. Data exchange between your planning tool and Turbo-Chart is possible without a costly interface.


Visualize your entire project on one page

Display your project using a time-way diagram on just one page. Various shapes, colors and patterns are used to represent the different types of work.

Develop better Tender/MEAT planning

By using multiple data sets you can visualize the P85-data in your deterministic time-path diagram. This substantiates the risk strategy.​

project control

Turbo-Chart enhances your existing scheduling capabilities, saving you time, cost and effort.

Optimal coordination between various parties

With Line of Balance diagram, you can optimize the coordination of multiple parties that perform activities in succession. Repetitive work, such as high-rise buildings, roads and pipelines are visualized.

Multiple charts and map orientations

Turbo-Chart can easily import images, such as JPG files. In addition, you can create multiple charts from a schedule. For example, a summary of the total road project and a detailed map of all intersections.

Integrate and data

You can create a time-way diagram from your existing planning software. If you later on make changes in, for example, Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project, you will immediately see those changes reflected in the time-path diagram in Turbo-Chart.

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Why choose Turbo-Chart?

Fast integration with planning software

For optimal use of Turbo-Chart you only need linear project software. Other complicated, expensive software or error-prone manual drawing methods are a thing of the past.

Good communication and analysis tool

Bring hundreds or thousands of tasks from different parties together on one page that clearly shows the bigger picture to all stakeholders. A breakdown into detailed charts and maps is also possible.

Easy in use

The easiest and fastest way to create linear and time-path diagrams for linear projects.

Main functionalities

Traditional time-way diagrams

Line of Balance (LOB) diagrams

Working with multiple datasets

Horizontal or vertical charts

Line, area, parallelogram and triangle visualizations

Customize colors and fill styles

Automatic legends

Filter possibilities

Free text fields

Integration options

Aram is the official reseller of Turbo-Chart

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