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From Mindmap to project planning and reporting

MindGenius stimulates creativity

Using MindGenius, you will brainstorm in an engaging graphical representation so that you have more clarity and can convert your ideas into results. With the push of a button you can turn your mind map into a project schedule and you can assign tasks to your project team. MindGenius helps you create, collaborate and launch projects. MindGenius Windows Client is a full-fledged project planning software for smaller projects and a good alternative to Microsoft Project.


Windows desktop mind mapping and project management

Cloud-based mind mapping and project management

Visualize your idea

Easily create a Mindmap for the start of your project

Familiar interface

You work in the look and feel of Microsoft Project. A recognizable ribbon and icons

Easy to use

After a short training you can quickly start using this software.

Insight into effort

Assign your employees to the tasks in your Mindmap to gain insight into the capacity demand..

Saving Costs

With MindGenius you can make simple project schedules in the same way as Microsoft Project, but the license costs are a lot lower.

Reporting in Office

You can convert your Mindmap into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project at the push of a button.


MindGenius works flawlessly together with Microsoft Office. This way you can quickly export your Mindmap or Project planning to Excel, Project, Word, Visio and Powerpoint. You can share your idea with your project team members via Outlook at the touch of a button. Immediately assign tasks to your employees and synchronize them with Outlook. In addition to Microsoft Office, you can also export to PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats.

MindGenius in practice

Aram’s consultants use MindGenius to start up projects. MindGenius makes brainstorming about how to approach a project a lot easier and also captures the idea. From the Mindmap, the WBS is quickly created and further detailed with tasks. Tasks are assigned to project team members, allowing for a quick overview of capacity.

If you work in small and simple projects, we use MindGenus to manage the project. MindGenius provides project reports that can be quickly created in Word and Excel. This allows us to quickly inform project and program managers. For the large projects, we export the idea to Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera to further develop the project.



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