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Risk management

A well-designed risk management process makes an important contribution to provide insight into the opportunities and risks during a project in progress.

Our vision in risk management

We are convinced it is effective to approach opportunities and risks in a process-based manner and to regularly enter into discussions with all those involved. For example, opportunities and risks are explicitly identified and made transparent in advance, enabling the project team to manage and report on them in a timely manner.

Making opportunities and risks transparent and discussable in a timely manner makes a positive contribution to achieving the project objectives. We ensure this knowledge and information is shared and secured within the organisation, so that risk management remains anchored for both current and future projects.

managing time, money, contract and security


With our many years of experience within planning management, linking risks to planning is an assignment that we are happy to perform for our clients. Our advisors have a lot of experience working with the software Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (former Pertmaster) and Oracle Primavera Cloud for creating a quality probabilistic planning (PPI). All our risk managers also master the subject of planning management. That is why our professionals are well able to draw up a risk file in combination with a plan and then analyse it. As a result, performing a Monte Carlo Analysis offers added value in addition to a beautiful visual representation.


Our risk managers map out the financial consequences based on the formulated risks. Based on this information, our professionals are able to make a good estimate of the financial risk reserve as part of the project budget. Also during the performance of a project, we know how to monitor the financial risk reservation as an integral part of the EAC.



Safety has a prominent place within projects. Both the client and contractor side work in a risk-driven manner. A separate risk file is often made for the safety aspect that forms part of the safety plan. In order to safeguard the total risk file, our risk managers add the safety risk file – based on the existing safety processes – to the total risk file of the project or organisation.


We see it as an opportunity to set up your risk management process. Would you like more information or advice?