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Tilos Linear Scheduling

What is TILOS Linear Scheduling?

TILOS is a software application for project planning that provides insight when work is being carried out at a location. This gives you easy insight into the potential conflicts between activities in your project that are planned at the same time and in the same location. TILOS supports the planning process of linear, mainly infrastructural, construction projects. In addition to licensing this software, Aram also offers implementation support or advice on specific issues about TILOS.



Ability to plan two-dimensionally, linearly, where the x-axis represents time and the y-axis represents distance.

Added value
at the construction site

Due to transparent location-related information, it offers insight into the planning to involved project employees, so they are quickly able to know what is going on at a construction site and when.

Open data

It is possible to exchange data with other project management systems, such as Primavera P6, Asta Power Project, Microsoft Projects and Excel.

Construction and civil engineering

Examples of infrastructural routes for which TILOS is widely used are the construction of roads, railways, bridges, canals and tunnels.

Industry specific analysis capability

Visualizes the execution schedule with an emphasis on the movements around the construction site, such as transport, heavy equipment and different contractors.


The planning is visualized in a clear and professional approach in a time-way diagram, both in terms of time and distance.

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Main functionalities

A clear view of planning versus location

TILOS is developed to improve the visualization of repetitive tasks in which location (indicated in distances) plays a central role. The main advantage is that the data flows are mapped in a visually clear manner. The deployment of capacity and materials can be compared with the location during the implementation of the project. Bar charts and network diagrams are often used for analytical purposes and do not provide visual insight into the actual situation. With the help of TILOS you do get this insight.

Create a realistic representation of the project scope

TILOS  is able to visualize a complete analysis of the critical path in a time-path diagram. Time-way diagrams provide a practical view of scope by combining location-based project details and planning into one overview. This application also offers full support for your sub-projects, such as bridges or pumping stations. Any milestones of these subprojects can be integrated into your integral time-path diagram. With TILOS you provide complete control over quantities, rates, capacity and costs. The software provides perfect visualization and monitoring of the progress of your project.

A simple way of planning

TILOS makes it possible to refer to individual activities and tasks. Progress can be measured per task, allowing for a detailed view of project progress. The software, with its predefined work packages and templates, is designed for the rapid creation of linear schemes. When creating new activities, TILOS analyzes location-related data (distance) and on this basis it defines the quantities, allocation of capacity and the duration. This simplifies scheduling and minimizes the work for the planner.

Different implementation options

TILOS can be implemented in different ways within your organization. It is possible to choose: a single user license, a USB version or a floating user license. In addition, multiple additional options are available. For example, the possibility to exchange data with other applications such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

How do you create a project with TILOS?

How do you create a project schedule in TILOS?

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