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Experienced professionals
in project control

What do our professionals say about working at Aram?

Our collegue Arno is one of the experienced advisors in project control. In this video, he shares his experiences about working at Aram, what makes him so enthousiastic and what we look for in our new colleagues [Dutch].

Experienced professionals

Aram is also always looking for skillful professionals with work experience in project control, like medior advisor project control and risk managers. What makes it fun to work at Aram? We are an ambitious organization with a passion for project control. We have a large network and client portfolio. So our professionals work on the most prestigious projects at leading clients in various sectors. Landborders do not stop us, because we are also involved in various challenging projects abroad. We believe that every talent is unique and this requires a personal approach. We invest in the knowledge and development of our people. We share our knowledge with each other and work together as a team to distinguish ourselves in terms of expertise in the world of project control.

Have a look at a week of our experienced professionals

What does the week of our colleagues look like? Sjoerd has contributed to an Offshore Substation for the Deutsche Bucht project, the first offshore wind farm to use Mono Buckets. This is a new way of securing the wind turbines in the seabed. Simone, from Sales and Recruitment, shows us what her working week at the office looks like. Finally, Arno takes us to Arnhem and shows how it is to work for TenneT.

The week of Simone [Dutch]

The week of Sjoerd [Dutch]

The week of Arno [Dutch]

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