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Software solutions

Aram is your knowledge provider for software and integration solutions and offers support during the implementation.


What does Aram offer?

We offer different software licenses and support for the implementation of project and portfolio management solutions. This is possible with Oracle Construction & Engineering and cloud solutionsTamaraTILOS, ScheduleReader, MindGenius and Turbo-Chart. Due to the combination of our experience in technically complex projects and IT, we offer unique expertise for project organizations. In addition, we also offer functional and technical management for these software solutio

Aram is the official partner of:

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Oracle Primavera P6

Aram offers licenses and support for the implementation of multiple Oracle Primavera on-premise solutions, such as P6 PPM, P6 EPPM, Progress Reporter and Risk Analysis. We also provide advice on all your Oracle Construction & Engineering issues.

Oracle Primavera Cloud

Integrate planning, risk, scope and cost on Oracle Primavera Cloud’s innovative platform. Collaborate independently on projects/portfolios in one  location in a user-friendly cloud environment. A suitable solution for both small and large project teams.

Tamara risk analysis

Tamara is a software package for making Monte Carlo analyzes and works seamlessly with your Primavera (XER) and Microsoft Project (MPP). The software is easy to use and has many reporting options. Due to the enormous computing power, Tamara is the fastest simulator on the market and can be combined with ModelRisk. ModelRisk is the world’s most powerful risk analysis add-in for Excel.


ScheduleReader is a cost effective way to open, view or print project information from Oracle Primavera P6 schedules in .XER or .XLS files. You do not need to have Primavera P6 software installed for this. ScheduleReader is suitable for Project Management Organizations with small projects to complex and large-scale projects.


Using Turbo-Chart, you can quickly and easily create a time-distance diagram or Line of Balance (LOB) diagram. This software application is designed in such a way that you can continue to use existing planning tools, such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta PowerProject and Safran. In addition, data exchange between Turbo-Chart and other applications is possible without an interface.


Using MindGenius, you will brainstorm in an engaging graphical representation so that you have more clarity and can convert your ideas into results. With the push of a button you can turn your mind map into a project schedule and you can assign tasks to your project team. MindGenius helps you create, collaborate and launch projects. MindGenius Windows Client is a full-fledged project planning software for smaller projects and a good alternative to Microsoft Project.


Quickly discover the conflicts between the different activities in your project that need to be performed in the same location at any given time. Visualize your schedule in both time and distance. TILOS is a time-location application and supports the planning process of linear, mainly infrastructure and construction projects. We offer licenses and assistance with implementation or advice on your TILOS issues.


Does your organization already have the necessary software, but the integration with your other systems is lacking? Do you see opportunities to work more efficiently, but the question remains which applications suit your organization best? Contact us for a free consultation with one of our experts.


What does Aram offer?

We offer multiple solutions for integration with Primavera on-premise and Primavera Cloud. This can be done with the help of Flint and Pexcellent software.

Aram is the official partner of:



Flint offers a solution for optimizing and integrating Oracle Primavera software with other information systems. This integration solution is a user-friendly interface between Oracle Primavera P6 and other applications. The essence of Flint is to allow data from two or more applications to be exchanged with each other in an automated manner.

Software oplossingen
Software oplossingen


Want to save time, avoid frustration and stop retyping? Pexcellent is a suitable integration solution for this. This application facilitates the data exchange of common tasks that are not included in the import and export functionality of Primavera P6. Our Pexcellent solution is simple and easy to use. As a user, you only need to have knowledge of Excel before installing the application. There is no need of intervention of an IT department.

Primavera Gateway

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Do you work with IFS? And do you need integration with Primavera P6?
Aram is Technical partner of IFS.

Dashboard development

What does Aram offer?

We develop interactive dashboards for our clients in which we display different types of data
and visualize it. Because of this, we create a flexible, tailor-made reporting tool, in which
all available control information of a project is visually displayed in one overview.
Thanks to the different links with diverse databases, your dashboard is continuously up-to-date. 
Aram’s strength is flexibility, knowing exactly what we are talking about professionally
and are able to provide customization.

Interested in a visual representation of your current project information? With information about:

What is the benefit of a dashboard for you?

A custom reporting tool with the information you want to display on the dashboard. From all systems, information can be linked to your personal dashboard. We are not in this depending on your IT department. A system dump is enough to save the data in the dashboard. This reporting tool is very suitable for communication of project information with both internal and external stakeholders. Also for those who are not involved in the content, the dashboard provides a comprehensible overview of relevant project information.

Do you want to know more about our DASHBOARD DEVELOPMENT​?


Thanks to our knowledge and experience with technically complex projects and different software applications, we know exactly what your organization encounters. We work purposefully together for your organization.

20 years of expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in project management on large construction, infrastructure, technical and industrial projects, we have in-house experts who can directly translate project management issues into pragmatic software solutions.

Tailored advice

The implementation of new software or IT issues is often customised. For that reason, we first make an inventory of your wishes and needs and after that we look at which products and services are best suited.

Support department

Our support desk helps you with functional and technical questions about our software solutions. We offer our support by mail, telephone and remote desktop. We offer a variety of contract forms.